As the organizer of the 2 day Therapeutic Storytelling workshop I was thrilled with the outcome.  Susan has an easy manner of delivery, inspiring stories to tell, and is passionate about her techniques for therapeutic story writing.  The participants were totally supported to produce some amazing stories. Sue Russell, Communities for Children Coordinator, Child Care Services Taree and District Inc. - Feb 2019

The Taree training was absolutely inspiring.  I am only at the beginning of studying childcare after finishing school and this course taught me so much and the methods that Susan uses are not only helpful to use in the workplace but are also useful in personal experiences.  For someone who didn’t know much about creative writing, through this course I created some stories that I am really proud of. Hailey Trudgeon - Feb 2019

Susan’s story writing workshops were fun, educational and inspiring.  We were a group of 20 novices and by the end of the second day we were able to write really decent stories targeted towards changing a specific behaviour.  Dom Jacobs – Feb 2019

Susan, your books have made a huge impact on my classroom life and way of thinking about children AND adults who are struggling. Thank you! Kathy Fraser, Teacher at Salmon Creek Community School, Redding, California Area - Nov 2018

 I have had so much positive feedback from everyone, the audience clearly felt inspired and were given the confidence to start working with therapeutic storytelling in a way that they had not before - Sam Greshoff, Convener,  National SWSF - EC Teachers Conference, UK. March 2018  

Thank you again for such a WONDERFUL workshop this week. I could feel the crackle and buzz as soon as I stepped in to the room that had been created. You have woven some magic for sure. Jacki Short, Counselling Psychologist & Director of the Sydney Centre for Creative Change, June 2017

The WECAN National Early Childhood Teachers conference was a wonderful event (Theme: The Healing Power of Language and Story). You brought such honesty, warmth, encouragement, and humility to your 3 keynote presentations. It was a healing experience to just listen to you. Nancy Blanning, Waldorf Therapeutic Educator and Early Childhood Teacher Trainer, February 10-12 2017, Spring Valley, USA

"We are using your e-book stories for reading lessons - the pupils have really enjoyed them - especially 'Bored Baboon', 'No-no nobby', 'Hurting Hippo', 'Boss Bulla' and 'X-tremely Dominant Xylophone'. among others (see photos) - I am so happy to see how you are assisting me to build up the standard of English in my growing up school, may God bless you" - email from Peter Nyagaka, teacher and founder of the Hiha Primary School in Tanzania -September, 2017

Tanzanian pic 2.jpg

‘This seminar has provided an excellent foundation to start storytelling in my practice’ ….. ‘even though there is no recipe for story-writing, being given a framework was incredibly helpful and reassuring. It made the process possible’ ….. ‘Susan was extremely prepared and knowledgeable but most importantly, inspiring!’  – a selection of testimonials from my Therapeutic Storytelling Seminar June 27-28 2016 - hosted by The Sydney Centre for Creative Change.

Thank you Susan for the workshop. It has provided me with insight and courage to make my own stories and a real knowing that stories are very powerful and do work! Beth Currie, Social Worker, Toronto, April 2015

Thank you so much for your inspiring workshop. I have begun a series of stories to do with a journey to help children treat each other and the environment well. It feels like I am on as big an adventure as the characters I am writing about.I would have had no idea where to start without your workshop and inspirational book.Tiffany Harrison - Teacher, South Australia, 2014

I was a participant in the 3 day Chennai Storytelling Festival, February 2014 - I thoroughly enjoyed Susan's sessions on what a story is, how to write healing stories and the story framework. I found them highly informative and insightful. Susan also brought out the concept of metaphors very well. Overall, it was a wonderful learning and sharing experience. C. Mangalam Senthil – Behavioral Trainer Consultant, Personal Counselor & Story Teller

I attended your workshop in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2013. I actively use stories in my work. Attending your seminar gave me the inspiration to continue creating therapeutic stories and promoting their usefulness when working with children. Tzveta Misheva-Aleksova, Child Play Therapist

Susan Perrow's message is beautiful and powerful in its simplicity. Tell children stories and they will listen to the wisdom these stories have to offer. What more gentle and effective way to reach 'our' children can we as parents and professionals ask for. This is essential learning for parents and all those who find themselves responsible for the care and development of children. Christina Crawford, Educational Psychologist, Ireland, 2012 

It was amazing. Everything started very slowly and quietly, just like in a fairy tale. As the speed increased, we were impressed by Susan's calm and magic way of telling stories and were so much involved into the process of the writing that at the end everybody was keen in writing his own story concerning a case from his practice. Thank you, Susan. Lydia Yordanova, Manager, ZS Consult Educational, Counseling and Training Centre, Varna, Bulgaria, 2013

Thank you so much for making us happy with this coloured magic of writing stories. Daniela Tahirova, Psychotherapist, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2013

Really enjoyed the day and also felt inspired to play with some of the stories I have currently being telling. The formula you provided seemed so easy to follow and I was excited at the potential of where this may lead. John Imbrogno, The Rite Connections, 2013

Susan, Thank you for a most wonderful Therapeutic Storytelling workshop at Forres. I am bursting with ideas! Thank you so much for your inspiration, passion, dedication, knowledge and experience which you share in such a humble and beautiful way. It was an absolute pleasure to meet you. Karen Whibley, Psychologist and Director of the Whibley Partnership, Aberdeen, Scotland, 2012

Yesterday was such a stimulating and helpful healing day. Your workshop in Brooklyn was so timely.  I wanted to make contact and send my appreciation. You are an inspiration.  Liz Baring. Psychoanalyst, Creative Arts Therapist and Sandplay Practitioner

The therapeutic workshop was great! I got a lot of joy out of watching the beaming and smiling faces of the 90 attendees as they were leaving. They felt so empowered! The beauty of your ideas on Therapeutic Storytelling is that they are so simple to implement and SO AMAZINGLY EFFECTIVE! Personally you have opened another door for me as far as the IMAGINATION of the child is concerned. Therapeutic storytelling will be another addition to our curriculum.  Bijal Shah, Principal of 'My School - Montessori', Nairobi, Kenya

Susan's therapeutic storytelling workshop gave life to the theory put forth in her book. Her stories are so beautifully written, so creative and soul touching. On the second day of the workshop many participants shared their stories specially written for their specific situation, it is a wonder that surprised the writers themselves since they have never thought they could do it.  Through the workshop, Susan was so enthusiastic in sharing the wonderful results creative healing storytelling can bring, and helped us believe in our own capacity for story composing!  With the book as a handbook that we can always refer to, life with our children will be more interesting and enjoyable! Scarlet Cheng, Teacher/Parent, Beijing, China, 2012

The two workshops last weekend were FANTASTIC!! Thank you so much for a wonderful, entertaining, interesting, thought provoking and inspiring weekend. I think it went so well just because of who you are and your lovely open, non-judgemental and centred way of being. And of course because of the stories you told – just so engaging! I so love what you are doing with these stories – they are a rich tool to touch children’s souls – what a blessing! I would love to be as fluent as you are in creating them. I am inspired to practice though. Monique Rutherford , Child Psychotherapist & Parent Counsellor, Noosa, Queensland

Dear Susan, I wanted to extend a deep thank you for sharing your gift and experiences - and acknowledge the inclusive way that you facilitated so that we could all find the storyteller within and all support each other. I feel like a juicy plum this morning - alive, inspired and positive - and also like I am on a very fertile, strong juicy plum tree sharing life's journey with so many other plums. I felt a oneness of universal consciousness in a way never before through your stories - the symbols and metaphors that we all connected with are so strong and timeless. Bless you and thank you. Monique, Social Worker, Melbourne, Australia

The Therapeutic Storytelling workshop was very inspiring. Wide-ranging and helpful. This course may really make a difference to a lot of children’s lives! Susan is an excellent teacher … clear, imaginative, uplifting. Ursula Godber, Primary School Teacher, Ireland 

Susan is obviously very gifted at what she does and has helped bring healing story magic to many, many people across the world. I experienced a little of this magic while attending her workshop in Exeter, May 2012. The tools that Susan shared helped us focus on a resolution, choose the metaphor(s) and work on an imaginative journey. We then offered it to the group for feedback, and came away with an almost complete story for the telling. The best thing is that even though I use story a lot in my nature connection work, I didn’t know how to make up my own stories. Now I do! Thank you Susan for helping us become story doctors! Chris Holland, Environmentalist and author of the Forest School Handbook, ‘I Love My World’, Devon, UK, 2012

Dear Susan, Just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoyed your class on storytelling for children held here in Coffs Harbour. I was the only father there, which I felt was a waste, because as a father and a storyteller, I benefited greatly from your kind insights, advice and wisdom. Thanks for taking the time to help us be better parents. 
Anthony Cougle, Parent, Moonee Beach, Australia

I write to thank you for your wonderful workshop on Therapeutic Storytelling today. Though I often make up little stories and rhymes for my children, I have felt quite overwhelmed each time I wanted to come up with a story for a particular challenging behaviour or situation regarding my child. Your simple technique has taken the ‘overwhelm’ out of it and brought life and magic into writing a healing story. I look forward to my journey in therapeutic "storying". Thank you again for your "healing" gift. Shalini Christodoulou, Teacher/Parent, Singapore 

Recently I was lucky enough to participate in one of Susan Perrow’s therapeutic storytelling workshops held at our local school. Susan has a talent for both creating stories, and helping others to find their storytelling voice. She is a storyteller extraordinaire! Our day was enveloped in 'metaphor'. I was instantly captivated! Susan shared many of her own personal stories and successes and a little of her journey, which held us all spellbound. Susan took us through a process and story structure that helped us to write therapeutic stories and become a storyteller. Many people in the group were new to this idea, and to watch them leave with an extra boost of confidence and a spring in their step, as they put on their invisible storyteller hats, was just delightful. I know my hat received a big shiny polish! Amber Greene, Educator, Writer and Parent, NSW, Australia

Dear Susan,
Thanks to your knowledge and assistance in writing therapeutic stories, and the workshop that Erika and my mom attended, they wrote a beautiful story that gave me strength to go on and to lift my head high - no matter how difficult it can be at times, to get up each day and continue with a smile.
Each of us has some sort of stone to carry in our lives, and it is up to us to find the beauty in our stone so we can carry it more easily and be at peace with our destiny.
The story is special and very dear to me, it has certain elements with which I feel a special connection.
Thank you for sharing your gift. You are a great teacher, and these two students write more than just stories, their stories have that special touch not found in many stories. Kristina Ivatović, 14 yr old girl  Zagreb (diagnosed with muscular dystrophy),b, 2012

Word Angel: A poem from Africa written by Dr Claire Inala (Kenyan Doctor and Play Write - ‘Healing with Words and Hands’) after attending 9 sessions on Therapeutic Storytelling

my friend the story teller
with her magic special gift
a treasured bless-ed healer
armed with words to mend the rift

between the heart & head & soul
that divides us all inside
she coaxes out our sacred dreams
(before you know it, you've complied)

and language is no barrier
to her rich enchanting spell
if you listen careful, closely
old, ancient wisdoms she will tell

she gathers hope and ties it up
in ribbons of coloured yarn
the telling of the woven tales
lifts e'en the most forlorn

a gentler salve could not be found
to ease the pain of life
Give Praises! for our precious one
mother, daughter, friend & wife.