My name is Susan Perrow. I am an Australian whose ‘work’ passion is stories and storytelling. I am a writer, storyteller, teacher trainer and parent educator. For the last 30 years I have been documenting stories from other cultures, writing stories and telling stories to groups of children and adults – all this woven in with a career in teaching, lecturing and consulting in Australia, Africa, Asia, China, Europe and North America. I currently have three published story collections, in a total of 10 languages.

Academic Work: In 2000 I wrote and tutored a 150-hour unit on Storytelling for Southern Cross University - the first of its kind at an Australian University. In 2001 I completed my Masters Research on Storytelling in a cross-cultural situation (post-apartheid South Africa). I have presented papers on my therapeutic storytelling work at many World Conferences, including the Fifth International Action Research Conference in Ballarat, Australia in 2000; the first International Conference on ‘Imagination in Education’ in Vancouver, Canada, in 2003; the International Kolisko Conference in Cape Town, South Africa in 2006; and  'This Examined Life' - a national Medical Conference - at Iowa University, U.S. in 2013 . In 2014 I was guest speaker at the International Storytelling Festival in Chennai, India. From 2015 to 2018 I have been the keynote at National Teachers Conferences in Denmark, the US and the UK.

WECAN National Teachers Conference, upstate New York, Feb 2017

Book Launch, Barcelona, April 2016

Book Launch, Barcelona, April 2016

Slovenian Book Launch, Ljubljana - 10th April 2018

Slovenian Book Launch, Ljubljana - 10th April 2018

Current Work:  Today my time is spent writing, consulting with teachers, parents and therapists, and running seminars on therapeutic story-writing. I travel internationally -  from China to Africa, Europe to America and across my own sun-drenched land of Australia. I also offer online courses for specialist groups. When I am home I enjoy walking, kayaking and camping, and lots of family time.

My first book, Healing Stories for Challenging Behaviour, has been translated into many languages, including Mandarin (simplified Chinese), Korean, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Croatian, Portuguese, Spanish. Slovenian and Serbian. The Japanese translation, commissioned by Tokyo Shoseki, has been a most important project. Entitled 'Stories to Grow the Hearts of Children' it includes therapeutic stories of hope and resilience for the families that survived the 2011 tsunami.

I am also working on an e-book series - 'A Spoonful of Stories' - each book with a different theme. I have completed four so far, plus a children's novel entitled 'The Adventures of Little Silk' (see e-book links).

Storytelling Concert - 2nd December 2017

Storytelling Concert - 2nd December 2017

Susan Perrow (M.Ed.)                Curriculum Vitae

  • 30 years experience in teaching, teacher training, storytelling and parent education

  • 14 years experience running workshops for health professionals – psychologists, therapists, school counselors, nurses and doctors

  • 1986 – 1997: Founder and director of Periwinkle Children’s Centre - Byron Bay

  • 2000: Developed the first Storytelling Course (150 hours) for an Australian University - Southern Cross, Lismore, NSW

  • 2001: completed a Masters Research on Storytelling in a cross-cultural situation – post apartheid South Africa

  • 2001 – 2003: Funded by the Australian Government to pilot creative courses and resources for children with challenging behaviour – CARE Program, Byron Council

  • International lecturer, teacher trainer and mentor since 1994

  • 2008: Resource book on ‘Healing Stories’ published by Hawthorn Press (UK). Now translated into several languages, including Chinese, Korean, Portuguese and Croatian.

  • 2012 - Second resource book – ‘Therapeutic Storytelling: 101 Healing Stories for Children’ – published by Hawthorn Press (UK)

  • E-book series launched via Kindle Direct Publishing in Feb 2013 - 'A SPOONFUL OF STORIES (see e-book page).

  • Third resource book -  An A – Z Collection of Behaviour Tales: From Angry Ant to Zestless Zebra - published 2017 by Hawthorn Press (UK)