The Adventures of Little Silk

A scrap of yellow silk is brushed off the cutting table in the fabric factory and as she flutters to the floor, she feels the air beneath her silken wings and knows she is born to fly!

What follows is a magical tale of rescue, friendship and adventure. On her journey, Little Silk meets a variety of characters like the Patchwork Lady, Wind Dancer, Flapping Bat and the King of the Fireflies. In the second half of the book Little Silk befriends a golden butterfly and a boy called Sam. Sam introduces her to his silkworms and helps her understand more about her origins. In return Little Silk and Wind Dancer surprise Sam with a special birthday gift.

This book is ideal fantasy reading for 5 – 8 year old children, with healthy elements of nature-care and recycling woven through the 18 chapters.

Note: Little Silk made its debut as an e-book in June 2016. It has now been published in Mandarin as an illustrated print book. Eventually, hopefully, it will be published in English as a printed and illustrated edition.