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A SPOONFUL OF STORIES #4: Everyday Challenges - Toilet Training, Bath Time, Tidy Up and Meal Times 

This collection of twenty five stories has been written specifically to help children learn and master everyday skills and activities ... toilet training, tidy up time, hair-washing, dressing, bath time, teeth cleaning, mealtimes and fussy eating. Using Susan’s well-known therapeutic story approach, it offers families, therapists and child care centres ‘a spoonful of story medicine’ as a creative strategy for life’s daily challenges. 

The stories are not ‘instructional stories’ in the sense of giving step by step details on how to do things. Instead, by touching the child’s imagination, they aim to motivate the child to want to ‘give it a go’. Each story is accompanied by anecdotes and/or suggestions for use. Some stories are very simple, written in full rhyme, and obviously for use with 2-4 year olds. Some stories are longer, more serious and intended for 5 year olds and up. Some are influenced by cultural wisdom; some are humorous and light hearted.

ISBN: 978-0-9874921-1-1 






A SPOONFUL OF STORIES #1: An A – Z Collection of Behaviour Tales for Children

From Cranky Cockatoo to Fussy Foo Foo, Messy Mermaid to Obnoxious Octopus, Quibbling Queen to X-tremely Dominant Xylophone, this alphabetical collection of behaviour tales encourages the use of story medicine as a creative strategy in parenting and teaching.

All 42 tales begin with an undesirable or out-of-balance situation and, through the use of metaphor and an imaginative story journey, lead to a more desirable resolution. In this way, the stories also have the potential for nurturing positive values.

Stories may not be magic pills that have powers to fix or heal all difficulties, but they can be a wonderful, and a more pleasant, alternative to nagging and lecturing. And sometimes ‘magic’ does happen and a story does make a difference!

Covering a range of universal behaviour, the stories are suitable for two to ten years (and the child in every adult!). Following the alphabet from A to Z, each behaviour is identified in the story title: anxious, bossy, cranky … greedy … jealous … lazy … swearing … uncooperative ... zestless ... and more. The stories can be worked with directly, adapted, turned into home-made picture books and puppet shows, or used as springboards for the creation of one’s own tales.

ISBN: 978-0-9874921-0-4



A SPOONFUL OF STORIES #2: A Collection of African Wisdom Tales

From her years spent living and working in many parts of Africa, Susan Perrow has transcribed and collated this diverse collection of wisdom tales. Her favourite examples from the south, the east and the west of Africa have been included ……  stories to teach that dishonesty and greed do not reap just rewards, stories to encourage caring and co-operation, stories to help face fears of the dark and the unknown, stories to help develop resilience and positive values.

Some of the stories are very short, some are long, some are serious and some have a wonderful sense of cheekiness and humour. All of them have a special message to share, for children and adults alike.

ISBN: 978-0-9874921-2-8 

A SPOONFUL OF STORIES #3: Fairy Tales for the 21st Century

Fairy Tales for the 21st Century is a compilation of modern therapeutic tales written for global, national and community challenges to help build resilience and develop positive values.  Children and adults alike can be touched, comforted, inspired, enthused and strengthened by their metaphoric messages.

In the twenty stories in this collection, obstacles are overcome, difficult tasks are achieved, characters are transformed, good triumphs over evil and timeless truths are upheld. This book is a storyteller’s contribution to finding hope within the environmental and social conflict and trauma of our times.

ISBN: 978-0-9874921-3-5 



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A SPOONFUL OF STORIES #5:Story Medicine for Grief and Loss